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Make United India

Akhand Bharth banavo

Thanks for Sri Modi ji governament making jammu, kashmeer and ladak part of india its a good step. Please make Akhand Bharath  on 05/08/2019


Dear friends welcome to this site to know more about our nation and its heritage and also to know about ourselves and our responsibilities towards our nation.

This site is specially designed and operated only with an zeal to inform and update the forgotten issues of ourselves which are very important to every Indian and that is the reason this site is given the name of AKHANDBHARAT and surprisingly many of us do not know that once our nation was really an Akhandbharat and during that regime our nation was the golden bird in this world and it attracted the world towards it.

An astonishing fact of the breadth of our country’s political map was till early 20th century was 76,56,000 Sq KMs and today we will also be astonished to know that our country is at a stretch of only 31,59,450 Sq KMs that means less than half of its size then where did the other land go? During the Mogul and Church rule i.e., British rule we have lost our land because today’s Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tibet till Amod were our parts which we have lost and today we are left over with less than half of our land, why do you think this happened like this, it was because of our ethic less politicians since ages and till date, and you may be aware that in spite of victory over Pakistan war in 1971 we had to leave a part of our land to them why did it happen that way, the conversions were started during Mogul and British rule on this land and still after the so called Independence we are unable to stop their conspiracies why? Are the subjects which this site will deal with and more particularly this site is a effort to make us know what were we, what are we today and to come out of this situation what should we do and save our future generation, why we Hindus are at the top universally will be dealt with.

There was a time in our history that even kings used to rule their territories with the guidance of Rishis, Sadhus and sants, then where did these great people go leaving the people to fate, now leaving a few what are our Sadhus doing by sitting in their ashrams what is their dharma and what are they doing, are they really doing their dharma towards society? Will also be discussed in the coming pages

  Today it is a pitiable situation that, our universities carry only the information of our invaders in the name of History, we can also find the same from school level to University level, is it our history? Definitely No then where did our history go, who made our history unreachable to us? Once a nation forgets its history then that nation looses its identity one day or the other, today people to India and respecting Muslims and Christians, I do not mean to say that we should not respect them but here it is to be seen that respect is not from heart but it is out of obligation, why is that feeling still in our hearts because we are made to read history focusing them to be our rulers and superior that us but in fact they are not, here we should observe that just because our childhood is tutored with false stories our mind level is struck and is forced to accept the falsehood, now the question arises of who Conspired such a thing, we will put forward these facts for a better understanding in the coming pages.

      Once upon a time there were Joint family structures in India but today we can find them very rarely, who broke that divine system and how was our system when they were operational and what is society today will also be discussed in the coming pages. Click Here

       What are our religious heads doing even though the conversions are at high pace and what are Hindu Voluntary organizations doing in stopping this slaughter on Hindu society will also be discussed in the coming pages. Click Here

       What is going in Northeast states of our nation, and what is the situation in Northwest region of our nation and in the southern region especially in Hyderabad which has turned out to be a hub for ISI and Muslim extremism and who are these Human Rights activists and organizations and working for whom? Will be discussed in the coming pages.

      Today terrorism is the main threat to the world and it has become oldest issue in our nation a small tiny nation called as Israel is retaliating terrorism and such a big nation such as India is not doing or taking any steps to tackle the issue Why? Will be discussed in the coming pages.

      What is Conversion? Why is it conspired and funded? Why are Muslims raising their population under the guise of Religious dogma? What is the threat to the nation by these two Strategies will be discussed in the coming pages.Click Here

      How are lands acquired by the foreigners in our nation and who are the people supporting them as few supported the East India Company floated by the British to enter and invade India? The threat or this consequence will be discussed in the coming pages.

Click Here

      Why is Family planning implemented only for Hindus in our country? Its consequences should be seriously focused and it will be focused in the coming pages. Click Here

      The Food has changed, Food habits have changed, what have we achieved with this change, a time was there when only Naval gin tablet was sold, today there are some thousands of Pharmacy Companies selling their products, Why? The day has come we are importing rice once our nation was known and called as ANNAPURNA what has happened to our agriculture and farmers? Why are agricultural lands prices hiked all of a sudden and forced the farmers to sell their lands and stop cultivation? Will be focused in the coming pages. Click here

      Entire world admires our marriage system what are we doing and why are the family courts seen stromed with allegations and divorce petitions? The reason behind this will be focused in the coming pages. Click Here

      The parent child relation has changed, Old aged homes are at rise, humans have become machines, why? The future of such change shall be focused in the coming pages. Click Here

      Why is pre-marital sex and multisex on the rise, what has happened to our system and values? Why is that school going girls and boys behind sex and the impact of governments proposal of sex education on the children shall be focused in the coming pages. Click here

      The Maoist and its impact on Telangana if separate statehood is given, what will be the role of ISI in Telengana region and the future of Hyderabad- will it be under the rule of Indian nation or will it be left to the decision of Pakistan. We shall go back to Nizam regime and the victory of Shri Sardar Vallab Bhai Patel in the coming pages.Click Here-1,Click Here-2

      Let us discuss about the chemical war done by the western nations in our homes and its impact which can be felt- what is our government doing? Liquor and its necessity in the society? Shall also be discussed. Click Here

      Condoms, and their impact on security of the society and what is it encouraging and whom is it encouraging, why is government ignoring such threats? Is the government really working for the people or is it working for some body else? Click Here

      What are churches doing? What is the Madarsa’s activity? Their impact on Hindu society? Why are Hindu girls eloped by Muslim and Christian Youth? The motive behind such activity shall and should be discussed, what are Hindu youth doing?

      What is financial position of our nation today and what is our position? Those were the days when we were Slaves under the Mogul and British regimes today we are refuges in our own peoples rule? What did Shri Krishna say through Bhagwat Geeta and what are we doing? Did we forget our Dharma or have we become impotent? Will be focused for an clear understanding in the coming pages.

      The adverse role of money in our society? The role of MNC’s and IT call centers on the youth and their daily routine? Is it necessary to be focused at this moment? Click Here

      The importance of Gowraksha in our society? Our contribution towards our Dharma Raksha? What are we doing, are we ignoring our responsibilities and duties, the time has arised to become Karma Yogis, are we ready to accept the truth?

      Let us also know the missing dimensions of Akhandbharat?

      How is Media (Print and Electronic) divided and how are Christian and Muslim Buerocrats governing these units of Fourth Estate and what are the actual duties of Fourth Estate and what are they doing?

      How is Pakistan informed about our secrets and news about internal affairs of our country and leaders and how is ISI operating on such clues and news, time to stop it?

       Schools and Colleges are not imparting knowledge but are manufacturing Machines in the form of humans? How to stop and eradicate such a kind of Educational system which is ruining the strength of our nation and its future let us not waste time in discussing it. Click Here

      Film industry and its slaughter on Indian society and its impact on youth, the bad is served in fragmented form to attract and the end result is dangerous, many nursing homes are maintained and are surviving majorly on conducting abortions of unmarried? We shall discuss it. Click Here

      Islamic terrorism is commonly heard but did you hear about Christian terrorism and its operation in America and presently in India? Let us visit their operational places in India through discussion and measures to be taken to stop it immediately.

      Schools and Colleges made as grounds for Drug business? Where is this Drugs coming and who are prominent people behind this operation should also be discussed at this moment in the larger interest of our future generation.

      The role of Communists and their effort to establish the red corridor from Northeastern states of our country to the tail of our nation i.e., the Southern states? From where is the flow of the fund to do such activity is flowing to be checked in.

      The gifts of Late Shri.P.V.Narsimha Rao(Former PM) and to what extent did we use them and how did our politicians distorted those gifts and the result of which the nation is facing serious turmoil in stopping the funds for terrorism? Let us throw light on this sensitive issue.

      The main theme of terrorism and conversion let it be through allurement or fear or through caste or through 

Adishankara chari told

Make united india. work for unted netions of india. Makit sanathana dharama Balence the world. JAMBOO DEAPM is also callda as Akahand bharath

At the time of the Indian Independence Movement, K.M. Munshi advocated for Akhand Hindustan, a proposition that Mahatma Gandhi, believing that "as Britain wanted to retain her empire by pursuing a policy of divide and rule, Hindu-Muslim unity could not be achieved as long as the British were there."[3] In addition, Mazhar Ali Khan wrote that "the Khan brothers [were] determined to fight for Akhand Hindustan, and challenged the League to fight the issue out before the electorate of the Province."[4] On 7-8 October in Delhi, Radha Kumud Mukherjee presided over the Akhand Hindustan Leaders' Conference.[5] Akhand BharatVarsh

Make United India

Merging of behind India country's in India and make united India thinking will spread in compliant Asia country's


Make united India for making Shine of the world Like USA Merging with Pakisthan, Bangladesh, Barma, Bhutan, Nepal, Kazkisthan and Srilankha.

The call for recreation of the Akhand Bharat or Akhand Hindustan has on occasions been raised by some mainstream Indian cultural and political organizations such as the Hindu Mahasabha, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP).[6][7][8][9] The name of one organisation sharing this goal, the Akhand Hindustan Morcha, bears the term in its name.[10] Other major Indian political parties such as the Indian National Congress, while maintaining positions against the partition of India on religious grounds, do not necessarily subscribe to a call to reunite South Asia to recreate Akhand Bharat.

Pre-1947 maps of pre-partition India showing the current states of Pakistan and Bangladesh as part of the territories of India illustrate the borders of Akhand Bharat[8] The recreation of an Akhand Bharat is also ideologically linked with the concept of Hindutva (Hinduness) and the ideas of sangathan (unity) and shuddhi (purification) that seek to refocus modern Indian politics on the ancient civilizational heritage of South Asia.[9]

While the leadership of the BJP wavers on the issue, the RSS has always remained a strong proponent of the idea.[11][12] RSS leader H. V. Seshadri's book The Tragic Story of Partition stresses the importance of the concept of Akhand Bharat.[13] The RSS mouthpiece Organiser often publishes editorials by leaders such as the present Sarsanghachalak, Mohan Bhagwat, espousing the philosophy that only Akhand Bharat and sampoorna samaj (united society) can bring real freedom to the people of India.

Thanks for Sri Modi ji governament making jammu, kashmeer and ladak part of india its a good step. Please make Akhand Bharath  

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